Low back pain affects millions of lives. The sharp, stabbing and debilitating ache can ruin plans, hopes, careers, and health in many ways. The truth is, sometimes, low back pain is self-inflicted and we are to blame for its frequent onset. Some things that we do are actually hurting our back more than helping.

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle of chronic back pain. This blog will discuss the seven things you should stop doing to attain lower back pain relief in Park Ridge.

#1. Smoking 

If you smoke, take this as a sign to quit the bad habit. Smoking is one of the most leading culprits that can fire up lower back pain. Smoking can give you a temporary feeling of ease and satisfaction—that’s what makes it addictive. However, the long-term effects of smoking can actually harm many areas of your body, including your lower back.

Cigarette contains nicotine, which can alter the size of blood vessels in the body and can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments in the spine. It also decreases the flow of nutrients and blood to the spine, which causes disc degeneration. Over time, these problems cause low back pain.

#2. Giving in to the stigma surrounding low back pain

Unfortunately, despite the high prevalence rate of low back pain anywhere in the world, there are still people who invalidate the pain and struggles of back pain sufferers. The stigma causes some healthcare providers, employers, and family members to underestimate or downplay what back pain patients are dealing with. This is the reason why many people refuse to seek back pain treatment.

The stigma won’t go away on its own. That’s why you need to take control and flip the switch. Do not ever be afraid to ask the help of trusted and licensed professionals. Be sure that you advocate for your needs when you feel undertreated and misunderstood.

#3. Drowning in stress

Stress affects our bodies in a lot of ways. Of course, all of us get through a stressful moment. But when you don’t handle stress well, it may cause tightening and tension in your lower back muscles. This would be the beginning of your crippling back pain.

One effective way to reduce stress and prevent low back pain is to stretch and exercise regularly. Physical activities can help release the tension and tightness in your lower back. So, move your body before and after a busy workday.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#4. Frequent bending

Frequent bending is a common cause of low back pain. This awkward position can add a significant amount of pressure on your lower back and excessively stretch your back muscles. Moreover, frequent bending can also cause muscle spasms and poor posture, which can contribute to lower backache.

To protect your entire spine, make sure that you avoid repetitive bending of your lower back. For example, when you pick something up on the floor, you need to keep your back straight and bend your body using your knees, not your waist.

#5. Ignoring your body cues

It is very important to be more in tune with your body. Your body constantly sends messages to the brain, which helps you understand your current health status. Take lower back pain, for example. This pain signals that something inside you needs to be changed, explored, or adjusted. By listening to this message from your lower back, you can keep the damage down to a minimum.

Learning how to tune into your body can allow you to achieve lower back pain relief in Park Ridge. This will help you improve your everyday health from being in so much pain to feeling amazing.

#6. Overexerting your back

Moving, lifting, and carrying heavy loads can cause you to overuse your back. These repetitive actions may cause mild to a severe back injury, especially when you accompany it with poor lifting posture. Also, heavyweights can cause you to round your back, thus placing your hips at an awkward angle. This problem causes stress and pressure buildup around your spine ligaments.

So, if your job involves carrying heavy weights, be sure to engage your pelvis and keep your shoulders balanced so you won’t have to overextend your back.

#7. Avoiding movements

One of the most overlooked methods to get lower back pain relief in Park Ridge is moving your body. Instead of staying in bed all day while waiting for a back pain miracle, you should engage your body in simple exercises. This can help reduce the stiffness in your lower back and keep your tendons flexible. In addition, exercise can also help increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your back, speeding up your recovery.

Enjoy Natural Lower Back Pain Relief in Park Ridge

If you’re suffering from lower back pain and you’re missing the good old days when you weren’t suffering, then it’s time to seek the help of a professional—ideally a specific chiropractor.

Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, led by Dr. Andrew, can give your lower back the care it needs for recovery. Our specific chiropractor will gently and precisely adjust the misalignment in your spine to get you back to optimal health.

Are you ready to lift the weight off of your shoulders and live a pain-free life once again? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew.

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