When you hear about sciatica, you rarely associate it with natural remedies. So it might be pretty surprising to hear that a low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge can help you turn things around and reduce your sciatica symptoms. But how exactly can vertebral bone manipulations help relieve a lumbar spine problem? More importantly, how long does it take before you see changes? Let’s explore more about one of the most popular natural sciatica relief options below.

Sciatica and Your Spine

Sciatica affects the most extensive nerve bundle in the body, so it causes severe symptoms ranging from paresthesia in the affected lower limb and radiating lower back pain. According to studies, sciatica can stem from a long list of conditions and situations, including:

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common problem that afflicts aging individuals. It can develop because of several factors, including bone overgrowths and thickened spinal joints. The nerve passageway along your vertebral column narrows when you have this condition, leaving your nerve roots like the sciatic nerve at risk of getting pinched or irritated.


Osteoarthritis affects roughly 23 percent of adults in the USA. It’s also among the leading causes of sciatica pain because it triggers rapid deterioration of the discs, joints, and vertebral bones.


Excess body weight can put undue mechanical stress on your lower back. The extra pressure from the new layers of body tissues can cause the lumbar spine to get dislodged from its original alignment and compress your sciatic nerve.


Diabetes triggers an inflammatory response that further aggravates joint and disc deterioration and myelin sheath damage. The inflamed areas of the body can also put pressure on muscle fibers and nerve bundles, leaving you prone to developing or aggravating sciatica symptoms.

Disc herniation

Did you know that up to 20 out of 1000 people can develop disc herniation? While it’s more common among seniors, doctors note that it can also occur in younger people, especially those who frequently injure their back and neck.


Notably, sciatica can also develop during pregnancy due to the compromised spinal structure of an expecting mother. As the child grows inside the womb, the center of gravity of a woman’s body also changes. This causes the bones to shift and pinch nearby tissues like the sciatic nerve.

Accidents and injuries

Sciatica can also develop because of work-related incidents, car accidents, neck trauma, and sporting injuries. These things can damage or overextend the spine, causing the bones to get dislodged and misaligned.

Vertebral subluxation

Vertebral bone shifting is a common side effect of traumatic injuries to the head or neck. It can also develop because of repetitive motions and poor body posture.

Many patients who schedule a consultation session with our low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge have off-centered spinal bones. Unfortunately, they become susceptible to nerve compression in the lumbar region because of their situation.

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How to Reduce Sciatica The Natural Way

When you get diagnosed with sciatica, your first instinct is to find a suitable remedy. And because sciatica tends to become a long-term issue, it’s crucial to develop a practical and sustainable way to relieve the symptoms. Otherwise, you will mostly depend on pain relievers and muscle relaxants to improve your condition.

So, how do you curb sciatica symptoms naturally? Are there proven techniques that you can use? Here’s a quick list of natural remedies for sciatica symptoms:

Shift into a physically active lifestyle 

An active lifestyle can help you prevent a plethora of health concerns, including sciatica and lower back pain. Primarily, it helps patients like you improve blood circulation and strengthen the bones and muscles. The stronger muscles, bones, and connective tissues you have, the less likely you will develop problems like sciatica pain. If you already experience sciatica symptoms, we strongly recommend doing low-impact exercises. This way, you can still maintain an active lifestyle without physically over-exerting your body.

Avoid doing repetitive activities

As mentioned above, repetitive motions like carrying a heavy load the wrong way can affect your spinal alignment. So, as much as possible, you should avoid these activities or find a better way to do them to lessen the impact on your vertebral column.

Reduce alcohol consumption 

Excessive alcohol consumption can trigger premature disc damage. It can also compromise your vertebral bone structure, increasing your chances of developing degenerative diseases and adding more pressure to an already-irritated sciatic nerve.

Seek a low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge

Besides tapping into lifestyle adjustments such as those listed above, it’s equally important to seek a specific chiropractor. After all, sciatica pain primarily originates from postural imbalances. So naturally, if you manage to correct the root cause of the postural imbalance with specific chiropractic adjustments, you can potentially eliminate the symptoms and help the body heal quickly.

Thousands of patients have opted to receive specific chiropractic care so they can recover from the excruciating pain and other symptoms of sciatica or lower back pain. Many of them rave about the gentleness and preciseness of the spinal adjustments.

Hence, if you have already tapped into other sciatica pain remedies but have seen little to no changes in your symptoms, we suggest scheduling a visit to our practice. This will allow our specific chiropractic doctor to provide you with the initial assessment and determine if the technique can help resolve your health complaints.

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