Migraineurs had endured raised eyebrows from other people in the past. The unhealthy responses towards their condition were the reason why some avoided seeking help from professionals. As a result, they were reluctant to visit a doctor or chiropractor for migraine in Park Ridge NJ. Thus, they missed out on the chance to experience lasting relief.

In this blog, you will learn the unheard experiences and struggles of patients who suffer from the debilitating pain of migraines. After reading this blog, we hope you will grow more empathy and compassion towards people who suffer from migraines and other chronic pain.

1. “The pain is indescribable.”

We all know migraine is a neurological disorder. But, unfortunately, there’s no way that migraineurs can prove the inside of their heads hurt. That’s why it is so easy for people to assume that they look fine on the outside. When in reality, they’re trying to live through the tormenting invisible pain that affects their head.

They sometimes use weird descriptions to visualize their suffering to others. For example, “It’s like there’s a piece of strength-sucking sponge lurking on my frontal lobe.” It may sound like an exaggeration to you, but that is one of the everyday realities faced by many migraineurs.

2. “Migraine hangover can also make us take a sick day.”

Migraine is one of the leading causes of unproductivity and temporary disability in the workplace. Many migraineurs cannot even get up from bed to work once a very intense episode hits. While some good managers and employers allow their workers to call in sick for a migraine, there are still bosses who consider the condition a lousy excuse for missing work. Others may even get mad at their employees for extending their absence due to migraine hangover.

A migraine hangover is a real thing, and this begins when the head pain ends. Patients who visit our chiropractor for migraine in Park Ridge NJ describe this phase as a resemblance of a typical hangover. At the end of their migraine head pain, they experience various symptoms such as body aches, mental fogginess, dehydration, and fatigue. Migraine hangover typically lingers for hours or days.

3. “A silent migraine is not as silent as you think it is.”

A silent migraine is not as peaceful as you think it is. Just because it does not cause any head pain, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t disabling for those living with it. Despite the lack of headache, silent migraine still has debilitating symptoms that can impact someone’s quality of life. Its symptoms may include nausea, vision loss, extreme sensitivity to lights, and dizziness.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

4. “Bright lights and noises are too much for us.”

The sound of chirping birds and the bright light of the morning sun are the most refreshing part of many people’s morning routine—but not for migraine patients. These things can be triggers or symptoms of a debilitating migraine attack.

“I could not stare at my bright window for too long or endure the harsh noise of my alarm clock. These things create a throbbing head pain that drains all of my stored energy to go through the day,” said one of Dr. Andrew’s patients when she visited our chiropractor for migraine in Park Ridge, NJ.

Light and unwanted noises are the enemies of migraine patients. Know that your friend, sibling, or co-worker isn’t overreacting when they feel migraine symptoms when exposed to these triggers. Please understand that these things can easily freak them out.

5. “Coffee is not always the best way to start our mornings.”

The sweet aroma of coffee can set people in a good mood in the morning. However, caffeine intake can cause a painful day for some who live with migraine disease. This does not mean that people with migraines should never drink coffee again. They just have to limit their caffeine servings per day to avoid an increased risk of suffering migraine head pain.

6. “It’s the reason why we are always tired.” 

“It’s just a headache. Why are you always tired?”

First of all, a migraine isn’t just your typical headache. It comes with a cluster of other various symptoms that can drain your entire energy for the day in minutes. Also, the pain can keep patients awake all night, resulting in sleep deprivation. That’s why many migraine patients experience extreme fatigue, mood changes, and low energy all day long.

This extreme tiredness can affect their work productivity and overall quality of life. People with migraines may find it hard to finish regular work, or they may not fully commit to their plans.

7. “You can’t tell us to get over the pain quickly.”

Migraine pain can come and go, but this is not the case for everyone. Medications may alleviate the symptoms, but they just provide temporary relief for some people. Migraine episodes can cause pounding and throbbing headaches on one side of the head, which may even last for days or weeks. It’s not something that people with migraines can quickly get over with when they wish to.

However, there’s one natural and safe way to fully recover from a migraine attack’s agonizing symptoms. Our specific chiropractor for migraine in Park Ridge, NJ can walk you through this method.

Stop Pain with the Help of a Certified Chiropractor for Migraine in Park Ridge, NJ

Migraine patients often lament the literal and figurative feeling of having excruciating pain due to migraines. That is why Dr. Andrew, our specific chiropractor for migraine in Park Ridge, NJ, couldn’t agree more that migraine sufferers deserve a future filled with hope and relief. He can help fulfill this mission through specific chiropractic care. This is a precise way of performing spinal adjustments to restore the optimal health of one’s nervous system.

Your migraine symptoms may be rooted in spinal misalignments. By correcting this error, you may experience lasting relief. In addition, specific chiropractic technique gently gets to the source of your problem rather than just offering a band-aid solution to your symptoms.

So, visit us here at Optimal Health Family Chiropractic to obtain the relief you need. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew through this online form or call our office at (201) 505-8984.

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